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Microservices architecture is a distinctive method of developing software systems that tries to focus on building single-function modules with well-defined interfaces and operations. As Enterprises look to become more Agile and move towards DevOps and continuous testing, Microservices help create scalable, testable software that can be delivered in shorter duration.

Microservices solve the challenges of montholic applications by being as modular as possible. In the simplest form, they help build an application as a suite of small services, each running on its own process and are independently deployable.

BerrySoft Consulting helps you in analyze the functionalities offered from your current monolith, and identify the required business capabilities. We then implement the same as fully independent, fine-grained, and self-contained microservices. Our industry experts help you implement, on top of different technology stacks and each service is addressing a very specific business scope.

We can help you build your software application from scratch by using Microservices Architecture or by converting your existing applications or services into Microservices. We help you decide and implement the size, scope, data storage, and the capabilities of the Microservices, which are scalable, flexible, and dynamic.

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